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We are constantly striving through the introduction of new technologies to optimize our production processes and attach great importance to efficient and creative solutions.

Border Crimping/Hemming

The requirements of industrial plants are becoming more demanding. Especially in the food processing easy cleaning is important. Accordingly, we have adjusted our vessel construction and shape the edges of funnel, tank roofs or tank bottom since the beginning of 2016 at the request of customers with radii between 20mm and 40mm to. This approach allows edges and seamless transition from the vessel cylinder to the vessel roof and the discharge funnel. The result is a more efficient cleaning and thus requires less dead zones in the vessel. Thus, the quality of your product is increased.



Especially in the field sourdough container controlled fermentation is by controlling the temperature one of the most important factors. We have searched for a long time and recently found a supplier regarding Pillow-Plates, which guarantees us acceptable delivery times. Of course, you can buy our proven cooling passages continue, with pillow-Plates allow course, more security, much better heat or cold transfer and more accurate temperature control. Each double-walled container still belongs to shield the insulation and outer casing.

Just look back over, even in the "Innovations " will be seen shortly certainly new.

 Example of pillowplate manufacture;