"If you do not invest the future in the present,

        you should not be surprised if the future does not get a present." 

      Example of a circular seam welding machine;


The added value is an issue at MBComponents at any time. In order to adapt our production to the respective market requirements, we are always striving continuously improve the efficiency and quality of our production. Among other things, we would like to automate the area of circular and longitudinal seam welding in the near future, although in the constructionof tanks it is certainly necessary to speak of semi- automated welding.



The welding system for circular seam welding is designed for diameters of 1000 mm to 3000 mm and a processing length of 6000 mm. The seam monitoring is planned with the aid of sensors and a camera for both Wig- and Mig / Mag welding processes. 

       Example Wig welding method with cold wire feed;

      Example longitudinal seam welding machine;

As far as the planned welding bench is concerned, only the Wig- welding process with cold wire feed is used in the area of longitudinal seam welding. A double-sided welding in one operation is possible by means of a cooled under-rail, which is flooded with forming gas. A shielding of the welding track (planned 3000 mm) between the clamping jaws enables welding without heat discolorations.

After realizing the investments, we will be able to offer you a healthy price-performance ratio in the future as well. Greater profitability with improved seam quality, we hope that with this progress we can secure our market position.

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