Whether fat melting tank, sack tipping and feeding station, manholes, various vessels or future products  - although we design and manufacture for you individually - our price-performance ratio will certainly convince.

Functional components and vessel we integrate on demand like in your existing facility and in your piping system. Purchased parts, for example, two-way splitter, detectors and so on need to be clarified before the start of production in a meeting. The arrangements are then considered in the planning. The compatibility with your existing control must be checked if necessary by a specialist.

Fat melters 200L and 1000L


Abb.1 Fat melter 200L

Abb.2 Fat melter 1000L

When designing a fat melting tank, we understand your needs. The Abb.1 shows the rough draft of a 200L tub. Custom requirement - 100 Kg fat in an hour with medium melting enthalpy of 130 kJ/kg and a dt of 40 °C at cp of 3.1kj/kg with a heat output of approximately 7KW.

Smaller versions are usually equipped with respect to the removal of product with a submersible pump. In the case of 1000L shown in the photo album Abb.2, an external pump was used.  For heating of the 1000L tub electric heating coils were used at the customer. Due to the larger surface area heat transfer, we always recommend Heating mats. To quickly melt the butter and fat blocks to ensure the support surface made of rectangular tube for greater fat melters must be flooded with hot water.


Sack Tipping and Feeding Stations


Abb.3 Sack Tipping and Feeding Station

As with all our products, the versions of our sack tipping and feeding stations are variable. On the Abb.3 shows a sack tipping and feeding station with vibration motor and discharge rotery valve. The to be seen on the Abb.4 sack tipping and feeding station with been designed for mounting a screw conveyor. We are not tied to geometries or sizes, in this regard, we look at the local situation and in accordance with the product to be conveyed volume. Your wishes are of course always included.

Visit this page again soon, the future we will continue to expand the division "products".

Abb.4 Customized for mounting a small screw conveyor