Benefit from our many years of practical experience.

We are on our products mainly in the thinner sheet metals (2mm - 4mm) operates. It is not said that a welder who had mostly to do with thicker materials, is also grown in the thin sheet range to the requirements both technically and from a visual standpoint. This is exactly where we come in. Whether HR services , for household or professional reorientation, in terms of welding thin sheets, you are right with us. Unfortunately, the optical design is most somewhat neglected. For this reason, our seminars focus besides the technical preparation mainly on the practical optical design of welds, of course, theoretical content is taught. Day or week seminar, here it comes to the knowledge of the participant and which qualifications will be pursued through the course. Ask us, we will create a related to your needs.

Of course we are also after a seminar with help and advice available.


For our courses are in this respect equipped welding stations available. Supervision is provided by qualified personnel with years of practical experience;